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            HOME >> LIFE,ARTS Global premiere of second season of Chinese idol competition show ‘Youth With You’ wins hearts of netizens
            From left: Mentors Chen Jiahua, Cai Xukun, Lisa and Jony J pose for a photo at a press conference for Youth With You on Thursday in Guangzhou. Photo: Screenshot of iQIYI's Youth With You official Sina Weibo account The performances of mentors including Lisa from South Korean girl group BlackPink and Chinese singer Cai Xukun as well as trainees on the second season of Chinese idol competition show Youth With You have Chinese netizens clamoring for more. The second season kicked off with two episodes on Thursday on Chinese streaming gaint iQIYI, followed by two more on Saturday. The talent show seeks to form a new girl group by selecting from 108 trainees from 46 talent agencies over the next four months. The mentors on the show - producer representative Cai, dance mentor Lisa, vocal mentor Ella and rap mentor Jony J - will guide these trainees on their journey to stardom. During the third episode, Lisa introduced herself by performing a solo dance to the song "Attention,??winning the hearts of many Chinese netizens. The hashtag for the dance on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo had earned 370 million views as of Sunday afternoon. "Lisa shines when she dances on stage. She is a real dance queen and she deserves to be a dance mentor,??one Chinese netizen wrote on Sina Weibo. Cai's honest and helpful feedback for the trainees also earned him high praise from many Chinese netizens. "Kun has a high emotional quotient. He is strict with trainees but he uses a tender way to express his opinion in order not to make the female trainees feel nervous or awkward. He is a good mentor,??one Chinese netizen posted on Sina Weibo. New episodes of the show are set to release every Thursday and Saturday, and will be made available simultaneously in more than 200 countries and regions in Chinese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish and Korean through various global partnerships, according to the show's official Sina Weibo account. The show also posted the latest update at overseas social media platforms like Twitter, eying at the international audiences. RELATED ARTICLES: Indian government makes U-turn on TV ban over Delhi riot coverage Maslenitsa Festival held to celebrate end of winter in Riga, Latvia TVS sees 10% drop in Feb production as epidemic hits parts supply